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     NEWSLETTER – FALL, 2020



Oct. 27th – General Membership Meeting – 7:30 PM – Bellmore VFW Building

Nov. 7th  -- Lynbrook WW II Rally – 10 AM – Details at General Meeting

Nov. 10th – Marine Corps Birthday !!

Nov. 21st – Food Drive – Details at General Meeting

Nov. 24th – NC Veterans Stand Down – Freeport Armory – Details at General Meeting

Nov. 24th – General Membership Meeting – 7:30 PM – Bellmore VFW Building


Commander’s Report:

It’s been quite some time since we have had a newsletter, and more so since we have all been together. The February, 2020 General Membership meeting was the last time we were all able to get together as a group. The Covid-19 pandemic has not only brought the VWVA activities to a halt, but it has also impacted all those around us whether as individuals or businesses. Comments about and restrictions imposed by the virus are as varied as anything around us. But one thing that we cannot lose is hope and the statement that things will get better has hopefully never been more aptly stated.  


As we enter the fall and winter months of 2020, I am optimistic that things will get better as we draw closer to a new year. The brakes were placed on all veteran activities, from the Rockville Centre St, Patrick’s Parade, to the Summer Stand Down, to the 4th of July Parade, and of course, our Annual Family Picnic, plus a host of other events in between. Many of you have asked me about when are we going to have a meeting, and the good news is that we are shooting for a General Membership meeting on Oct. 27th at 7:30 PM. There will be restrictions in place, such as 50 people maximum capacity, face masks required, social distancing inside the meeting hall (VFW building), etc. Please watch your e-mails or text messages in the event that there are any changes or the meeting has to be cancelled. If all goes well, then hopefully we can begin to once again meet monthly or at least bi-monthly.


There will be a Stand Down at the Freeport Armory on Tuesday, Nov. 24th. This will be discussed in greater detail at the meeting. The scope of the Stand Down will be scaled down tremendously, and only 4 organizations have been invited by Nassau County to participate, one of which is VWVA, and our numbers will be limited. Again, more info at the meeting.


In preparation for the Stand Down, a food drive has been scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 21st beginning at 8:30 AM. Details to follow.


A rally to honor WW II veterans and the 75th Anniversary of the end of WW II will be held on Saturday, Nov. 7th in Lynbrook. Details at the October meeting.


Congratulations goes out to member Gary Glick who has received by the NC Service to Veterans Award and the Town of Hempstead Veterans Award for all of work and effort on behalf of veterans across multiple veteran organizations.


Also, please keep in your prayers our members and/or their family members who have taken ill and many are fighting some life threatening diseases: Laura Cody & Bill Cody, Jeff Goodman and his wife, Walter Geary, Fred Caputo, Jane Biscardi, John Martin, and Jim Delaney and his wife Ellen.


As a last note, check out the “We Are Vets. US” website that several of our members are involved with and whose purpose is to provide information and reading that may be useful and beneficial to veterans and their families.


Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!


Bob Kohler




 Summer Stand Down

Agent Orange Table at Stand Down
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