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                      NEWSLETTER – JAN.//FEB./MAR.2018

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Feb. 15th  - Executive Board Meeting – VFW Lounge – 7:30 PM

Feb. 27th – General Membership Meeting – VFW – 7:30PM

Mar. 15th – Executive Board Meeting – VFW Lounge – 7;30 PM

Mar. 24th – Rockville Centre St. Patrick’s Parade – 12 Noon

Mar. 27th – General Membership Meeting – VFW – 7:30 PM


Commander’s Report: Another new year is upon us, and it is starting off with one of the

Worst winter storms that we have seen in quite some time. Hopefully everyone had a good holiday season and that you and your family have been able to avoid the rash of colds, coughs, and flu viruses that have been going around.


Much has taken place since our last newsletter, and for those of you that attended our Holiday Party, you heard me say that most of it was of a positive nature. There are numerous areas where I could begin but eliminating most of the gory details let’s me capitalize it by saying that VWVA, as a group of dedicated veterans, is as strong as ever, not only with a growing and enthusiastic membership, but financially solid, a reputation second to none for assisting veterans, and an activity level that many wish that they had.


Our election process was finalized in November, and the officers of this organization were unanimously re-elected and the appointed members of the Executive Board will also remain the same. Your elected officers and the whole Executive Board is committed to continuing the work that we do as an organization and while we will be working harder, we also plan on working smarter. I have been encouraged this past year by some of the new ideas that have been proposed regarding how we operate, raise funds, or conduct our food drives. We recognize that not only are the members of the Executive Board getting older, but our membership as a whole is older and like it or not, we are not as resilient or able bodied as we once were. So, to counter this negative effect, we will be changing the way in which we do some things, some of which will be noticeable upfront and others will be explained to the membership. Some have already taken place. If you have some ideas or suggestions that might benefit to group, or our work, please bring it to my attention or that of another Executive Board member.    

I also want to thank the membership for the effort that was put into this year’s food drives, both in the Spring as well as the Fall food drive. And while we thought that the Fall food drive was going to have a negative effect due to the weather as well as the large number of other organizations involved in collecting food for those in need, I want to publicly thank member Andy Booth for arranging for supermarkets where we had never previously collected, and those locations provided an enormous quantity of food for veterans in need.


 This year’s Awards Ceremony was combined with our Holiday Party which enabled our members to meet some of the organizations, or their representatives, which helped contribute to this organization’s success in providing assistance to our fellow veterans. During the Awards Ceremony, Certificates of Appreciation were presented to those organizations and individual plaques were presented to several young people, such as including Matthew Perez of Oceanside for his volunteer work on behalf of veterans in need, as well as Samantha Hanlon and Caitlin Hanlon of Franklin Square for their volunteer work on behalf of VWVA.  Teresa Reuscher of Bellmore and Heather Sangiorgi of Copiague were also recognized for their fundraising efforts on behalf of VWVA.  Working in conjunction with these individuals and recognized organizations, VWVA was able to distribute over 200 hooded/zippered sweatshirts, 150 pairs of winter sox, several dozen winter sweaters, and more than 200 hats and warm gloves to veteransin need at the November Stand Down, in addition to providing clothing and food to the NC Veterans Service Agency food pantry, and the outreach program at several area churches.


The Veteran of the Year award was presented to member Sebastian Manzo for his work on behalf of this organization and Chris Peterkin and Bob Robertson were given Volunteer of the Year plaques for their dedication, volunteer work, and initiatives on behalf of VWVA and the veteran community.


An Activity Calendar for the organization is being compiled and will be distributed once we have dates for the events that we normally participate in. So far, the Town of Hempstead has not scheduled a Salute to Veterans Night and it is not know if the new administration is eliminating this event, as it is not on the Town’s 2018 calendar.  


Renewal notices for membership dues will be mailed out in the next week for those on an annual or expiring 5 year membership basis. Please get your dues in early to save us the time on follow-ups. The dues remain $20. Per year on an annual basis, which is the same amount since we started the organization in 2006. Refer to the renewal notice for more details on multi-year or lifetime membership.


For the jogging or marathon runners in the group, America’s Run For The Fallen will begin on April 7th, 2018, and will blaze a tribute trail across the country over a 5 month, 6,000 mile journey . For more info, go to WWW,


As a reminder, the Nassau County Clerk’s office will record, free of charge, your DD-214 form as a back-up in the event the original is lost, damaged, or misplaced. You will also be eligible to receive a Veterans Discount Photo ID cards which provides discounts to the veteran at participating businesses in Nassau County. The County Clerk’s office is at 240 Old Country Road, Mineola.


Be aware of scammers that are targeting military veterans. Scams involve one or more of the following: cash buyouts for future disability or pension benefits; calls for money for disabled military veterans or veterans with cancer or similar illnesses; upfront fess to help assist in VA loan modifications, etc.

Zippered gray hooded sweatshirts, monogramed with the VWVA logo are in stock. Please see Walter Geary at the next General Membership meeting if you are interested in purchasing one.


Please remember members Aldo DiChiara and Gil Gelling as they undergo treatment

for serious health issue, as well as the wife of member Chuck Carlucci who passed away recently.


                                                                                           Semper Fi,


                                                                                           Bob Kohler


Picnic 2016 Wantagh Park

 Summer Stand Down

Agent Orange Table at Stand Down
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