Veteran's Day 2021 VWVA Gathering

The Group at this years Reunion Kokomo, IN 

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Flag ceremony at Calverton National Cemetary for our brother Kenneth Rommel
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WASHINGTON -- The Department of Defense is updating its current paper-based uniformed services identification card issued to retired service members, family members and other eligible populations.
The "Next Generation" USID card will incorporate an updated design and security features to deter counterfeiting and fraud, and will be printed on a plastic cardstock.
DOD is transforming the way service members and their families are supported through modernized ID cards and improved mechanisms to protect cardholder privacy and personal information. The Next Generation USID card will
incorporate a modified barcode which supports the last phase of the department's elimination of the Social Security number from all DOD identification cards.
Additional information and updates regarding the Next Generation USID card will be available in the coming months on DOD's website.
Frequently asked questions:
1. What is changing on the USID card, and why? The Next Generation ID card transitions the current USID card to plastic cardstock with enhanced security features and update topology. These enhanced features enable DOD to reduce the number of card types issued to
eligible individuals from 10 to three. The Next Generation USID card does not change the populations who are eligible to receive the current card.
2. When can I get the Next Generation USID card? Beginning early fall 2019, individuals with expiring ID cards will begin to receive the Next Generation USID card at card issuing facilities as they are equipped with the equipment and supplies necessary to issue the Next Generation USID card. In an effort to conserve resources and limit the impact on ID card issuance facilities, cards will not be reissued solely for the purpose of obtaining the Next Generation USID card. (Courtesy of the Army)

The photo above will be the final page in the book our brother Paul Grieco is putting together on the History of the War in Vietnam.


This site has been set up to encourage an interest in our

 organization. If you are a Vietnam Vet or served during

the Vietnam era or served in any era or war, you need to

see what we are all about. Experience the

"Welcome Home" feeling we all share with each other.

We do not profess to be the biggest veteran's

organization, but rather an organization where

camaraderie and our activities work hand in hand in

accomplishing the goals we set out to do.

We are a family. Our purpose is to serve our fellow Vets

and our community. If you wish to find out a little more about us, come and

sit in on one of our meetings. We meet the 4th Tuesday of every month             at 7:30 PM

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 This Marine story will touch you. It is a story of healing. It is a story of saying goodbye to Vietnam and the hold it had over his life for so many years. Watch L/Cpl. Chris Lamberts story.

 Master Sergeant Jack Diamondstein, one of the founding members of this organization. Jack was more then a friend to us all. He was a patriot in the true sense of the word. He loved his country, he loved his fellow veterans and he loved his community. Jack did two tours in Vietnam in Army Special Forces. He was a decorated hero. We remember his dedication and all he brought to VWVA. We remember his long distinguished service as a Volunteer Fireman in the Merrick Fire Dept holding just about every office there is.  Jack was called home November 24, 2010, this warrior’s battle with cancer for so many years, finally won out. Through it all Jack never missed an event unless he was in the hospital. Even in his sickness he was a hero. I can think of no greater honor for him or for all who served, and for those who witness for peace in other ways, than to work and pray for the realization of the great day when no more will be lost, when war is obsolete, when God’s better way of abiding love and reaching out across national boundaries, religious and political barriers to help, heal and clothe our neighbors becomes the way for all people and nations

St. Patrick's Day Parade Rockville Center March 2014

St Patrick's Parade VWVA Best Military Historical Unit Once More

When one American is not worth the effort to

     be found, we as Americans have lost.

 THE GREY-HAIRED BRIGADE This is our Generation. Read the article in the file below and be proud of what we have done and what we can do for the future.


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 May your heart be touched by this tribute to all those who gave their lives for this country. Rendered by the West Point Glee Club

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